We create interactive and immersive shows and workshops that plant our audience in the centre of the story. Here they can actively engage with the performance and absorb the learning within.


The Kids Who Fell To Earth

Online Choose Your Own Adventure

Intergalactic voyagers Zing and Zong request immediate assistance! Their spaceship has crash-landed on Earth and they need your help to save their dying homeworld Jaahrgon. Will you come to the rescue?

Join them on their quest and help them to learn the surprising secrets of water before their planet becomes a desert, then use your knowledge to help these heroic alien siblings find their way home!



Stage Show

Airheads is a firm family favourite. Developed to be flexible for a variety of venues and stage sizes, it doesn’t require a professional theatre set-up. Accompany childhood friends Steve and Barbara in this ridiculous adventure of hilarity, one-upmanship and hovercrafts*.

This entertaining and educational science show experiments with air, pressure and Bernoulli’s principle.
*Contains actual hovercraft

The Kids Who Fell To Earth

Large Theatre Show

Join Zing and Zong in an exciting adventure through space and time as they experiment with some of the coldest substances on Earth, and create some dramatic explosions along the way. Exploring chemistry and physics, it’s an out of this world epic!

Edible Insect Adventure

Make-and-Take Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, suitable for both adults and children, you’ll set up and take home your very own mini-livestock farm. Along the way you’ll learn all about insect biology, metamorphosis, sustainable agriculture and the different insect species eaten around the world. Once your farm is complete, you’ll have the chance to taste some deliciously chocolatey bug-based treats!

Watch Craig’s TEDx talk on edible insects here.


Make-and-Take Workshop

The Challenge – to make a rocket that will fly the furthest.
Starting with the basics and a simple rocket design, participants will start out making a basic rocket shape and try their design out on its first test flight. Then whilst discovering the physics and aerodynamics of flight, they’ll learn how to get the optimum rocket for lift off before the final race at the end.

Curiosity Cart

Pop-Up Experiences

Our roaming curiosity cart can pop-up anywhere you need it, either indoors or out. With a selection of exciting interactive performances, demonstrations and activities ranging from 5 – 20 mins, audiences will be entertained for as long as they choose.